Liberal Media Bias Hits Home

June 29, 2009

Today I received an interesting, original graphic from Jim Graham, a reader of mine and a gentleman who sends out his own political graphics to a list of local conservatives.

Graham, who by his own account subscribed to The Palm Beach Post for 50 years, canceled his subscription because he could no longer stand what he believes to be reporting and commentary with a liberal bias.

Back in April, in a post titled, “Liberal bent misses the point of today’s newspapers,” I wrote: “In this case, the conservative theory on the downfall of the print media is more schadenfreude, directed at an age-old antagonist, than actual analysis.” In the same post, I also credited the conservative movement as having an impact on the downfall of the liberal media, just not as large a one as they always think.

I stand by that post. The dinosaur liberal print media is dying the slow and painful death of a thousand cuts, and I still believe the majority of those cuts are because the Internet has destroyed the business model of print journalism.

But, and this is a big “but,” the general unwillingness of the print media divas to even consider that an ingrained liberal bias has anything to do with the downfall of print makes me want to pull all the hair out of my head, and I have a lot of hair.

I post Graham’s graphic, not to single out in this particular instance The Palm Beach Post, but in a probably futile attempt to get the print divas to take their heads out of the sand.

Graham may be but one voice crying out in the wilderness, but over the years, I have learned that there are many Jim Grahams out there.

When the Grahams of the world stop reading local newspapers, then the world of liberal print will exist, if it exists at all, in an economically unsustainable, progressive echo chamber of its own creation that talks only to itself. In fact, it is this already-existing liberal progressive echo chamber that has finally driven Graham to seek an alternative source for news.

And that is not the fault of the Internet.

Jack Furnari


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