1 Czar, 2 Czar, 3 Czar… More!

June 15, 2009

I imagine that most of you are getting just about as sick of all of these appointed “Czars” as most of us are of the incompetent cabinet hand picked by Barack Hussein Obama.  However there is one big difference.  The cabinet appointments must be approved by the Senate.  The multitude of Czars are not subject to approval AND  answer DIRECTLY to President Barack Hussein Obama, which is a fairly frightening concept.
How many Czars do we have?   Glad you asked.  Here is the list:
1.   Drug Czar
2.   Energy and Environment Czar
3.   Health Czar
4.   Urban Affairs Czar
5.   Economic Czar
6.   Regulatory Czar
7.   Technology Czar
8.   Government Performances Czar
9.   Border Czar
10. WMD Policy Czar
11. Intelligence Czar
12. Car Czar
13. Great Lakes Czar
14. Stimulus Czar
15. Cyber Security Czar
It appears as if Charles Krauthammer was right when he said that the Obama administration had “More Czars than a Romanoff family reunion.”
But how much power do these “Czars” have?  It is fairly apparent that the Obama administration is not really concerned with following the guidelines set out by the Constitution, so who watches over these “Czars”.  The President you say.  Boy is that a comforting thought.
Again to quote Mr. Krauthammer, “We have an administration which is lawless and a Congress which is spineless.”  Another home run.
Perhaps these “Czars” will be as useful as the rest of the Obama appointees.  .
But the real scary part of this “Czar System” is the fact that the “Czars” answer directly to and only to President Barack Hussein Obama.  Boy it sure would be hard to put anything over on the world’s most articulate and intelligent human. 
One must wonder if Barack Hussein Obama might need to look at appointing a few new Czars.  How about a Stupidity Czar?  This Czar could ferret out incompetent mutts in the federal government.  Then again maybe we could save him some time and begin to really concentrate on how to get the Democrats/Socialists back into a minority status in the House and Senate.  Looks like a couple of states are starting to realize that their elected officials are worthless turds.  They all need to decide whether the elected officials answer to the people or special interest groups in Washington, D.C. 
Stanley Alterman

One Response to “1 Czar, 2 Czar, 3 Czar… More!”

  1. Great article, Stanley. But you left out Czar number 16, the “Pay Czar”. You’re right on point though when you say these Czars are not confirmed by the Senate or answerable to the Congress. This flies in the face of the Constitution and the checks and balances that are supposed to exist with our three branches of government. What is really disturbing is that neither of the other branches seems to have a problem with being bypassed. Nor do they seem troubled that the Constitution itself has been bypassed and then trampled on.

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