Conservatives Are Here To Stay

May 21, 2009

Every conservative I speak to is getting sick and tired of liberal media pundits and moderate Republicans telling conservatives what we should believe in.

Conservatives welcome anyone who wants to join us in the Republican Party for any reason, but we will not change what we believe in just because a bunch of liberal progressive Republicans, without values or principles, think we should.

When the Republican Party acts like a conservative party, like they did in 1980,1984,1988, 2000 and 2004, they win presidential elections.

When the Republican Party turns its back on its conservative base, like it did in 1992, 1996 and 2008, it loses presidential elections. It’s that simple.

I’m a pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-family, pro-military, small government, low taxes, anti-socialist, Catholic, flag-loving, hard- working free American. I think global warming is a bunch of nonsense and that Western Civilization is locked in a life and death struggle with Radical Islam.

Without people like me, there is no Republican Party. We are the base, and any Republican who doesn’t like that can follow that old bag of dirt, Arlen Specter, out the door.

Almost every penny-loafer wearing Republican Party official in the country is running around talking about “outreach” and “twitter,” instead of working to repair the schism between the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Conservatives are not going anywhere. Conservatives don’t quit. We’re not looking for a lobbying gig. This isn’t a career for us. It’s a calling. We’re trying to save our country. Not for ourselves, but for our children.

If weak-kneed, spineless jellyfish Republicans are afraid to fight Obama and the socialists, that’s their problem. Conservatives will stand and fight. Within the Republican Party, and with the Democrats, wherever and whenever we have to.

Conservatives are the shock troops of the Republican Party, we always have been, and we will fight to make our country better, with moderate Republicans, or without them.

Jack Furnari


6 Responses to “Conservatives Are Here To Stay”

  1. Steven Rosenblum said

    Excellent entry Jack. I agree with every point. My views may not be the same as yours on every single issue. But on the key conservative principles, that are supposed to be Republican principles; our 2nd amendment rights, supporting the military, smaller government, more accountable government, lower taxes, pro-capitalism and honoring the flag I’m with you. If senators a like John Cornyn want to elect moderate Republicans, let them do it their own states. Keep the NRSC out of our primaries. Let Charlie Crist run as a Democrat like Arlen Spector and make room for conservative candidates that can win.

  2. I’d like to make the point that this struggle is for us as well as for our children. For us right now, it is about individual liberty and constitutional government which are in immediate danger. If all of this is about future generations, then the urgency is gone and the message becomes one of just money. I am not freaked out about the money. I am freaked out because I grew up during Communism and the Cold War and have read books like 1984 and Brave New World. I have watched this creeping weirdness of identity politics and the loss of innocence of children and girls who are exposed to a growing porn culture and boys who are feminized, looking for safety and beauty and chatting on twitter for God’s sake. We are smack dab in the middle of that brave new world and the communists are back. The future is now and that is why we must fight.

  3. American Confucius said

    Penny-loafer wearing? Weak-kneed spineless jellyfish Republicans? Really? First off, let’s raise the level of debate instead of using phrases that mean absolutely nothing. Shall we? And let’s drop the silly faux macho-ism and intolerance of opposing viewpoints.

    I generally agree with your points that we must stick with our principles of social and economic conservatism. However, we’re currently fractured. I see two main factions – the Ron Paul libertarians, and the socially conservative “base” who only recently have re-embraced the notion of small gov’t. Both factions are responsible for the mess we’re in. The Ron Paul libertarians voted for socialism and the base allowed the unfettered profligate spending during the past 8 years.

    But in addition to these factions, there’s more diversity of viewpoints ranging from the NE republicans to the west/midwest republicans to the southern republicans. If each viewpoint insist that their brand of conservatism is the best (as you do here) and have this pretentious attitude of exclusivity, guess what, we’ll never win another election. Perhaps losing elections keep columnists like you in business, but it really doesn’t bode well for the country.

    The ONLY way we can galvanize and win is to find common ground and move forward as a “big tent” party, as Senator Jim Demint and Peggy Noonan have suggested in the WSJ recently. The common ground is freedom, choice. It is freedom that must serve as the foundation for all of us, whether you are a social conservative, a NE “elite” conservative or a west-coast Ron Paul conservative. It is the dichotomy between freedom and socialism that will win us elections from here on out.

  4. I think you left out the huge real base, which populates tea parties, radio talk show audiences, and other principle-driven groups. Who else is reading blogs like this, for Pete’s sake? Your two main factions leave us out entirely. As has been pointed out again and again since the election: The big tent got its candidate, John McCain, who went out of his way to avoid offending anyone – including illegals – who refused to even mention Obama’s middle name, and who was generally so mealy mouthed, he wouldn’t call out the obvious radicalism of O that we are now having to deal with. McCain represented the true wussification of the RINO wing, penny-loafers all.

  5. American Confucius said

    I’ll take your points one by one:

    “I think you left out the huge real base, which populates tea parties, radio talk show audiences, and other principle-driven groups” – There are all types of conservatives and Republicans at the tea parties from socially liberal Ron Pauls, to the more moderate wall street NE conservatives, to the socially conservative southern conservatives. Again, I’m generalizing here. But you get the point. Guess what the common thread is? Freedom. And that is what we need to galvanize around. But you illustrate my point that is you think your the only principled faction of the party. I suggest you change your attitude for the sake of our future.

    The rest of your comment – And let me ask, who did you vote for? If you were like most Ron Paulians and voted for Obama, I have nothing more to say. But if you voted for McCain, you probably picked the less of two evils. We all knew that McCain was a relative moderate and is why he brought on Palin. Point being, McCain had a clear record of supporting policies that were anathema to an expansion of freedom in our lives. He was less than a clear supporter of states rights and the McCain-Feingold debacle obviously lessened our freedom.

    Look, we can debate which faction is best once we win. But until we do, let’s focus on what brings us together and that is again FREEDOM. Whatever policy positions we take, if we take the one that expands our freedom, guess what, I’m sure all the factions of the Party will naturally come together. Think about it.

  6. I have to say I don’t think Ron Paul is a conservative or a Republican. I think he’s a true libertarian, who has decided to put an “R” after his name in order to appear more mainstream and get elected.
    While I respect Senator McCain’s decades of service to our nation and his sacrifice as a POW, I don’t respect the way he ran his ’08 campaign or the way he’s thrown a true conservative, his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin under the bus. When he was on ‘Leno’, he was asked to name some of the up and coming Republicans and left the Governor out. I also don’t respect him suspending his campaign to assist with the TARP, and then voting for it with all that pork in it. I might also add he voted with Obama and Biden on that one.
    I’m a fiscal conservative, a federalist and I believe the US Constitution must be obeyed. What I’ve seen so far from the Obama Administration is an attempt to take us to socialism and fascism. An attempt to take more and more power away from the private sector, the States and the People. And worst of all blatant defiance of the Constitution (16 “Czars”).
    Whether you’re a conservative from New England, the Mid-West, the West Coast or the South, I think we should be able to agree on what the core conservative principles are.
    We need to take back the US House and Senate, one seat at a time, by nominating conservatives, not “moderates” like Charlie Crist or John McCain. Then we can start to focus on a candidate for 2012. There are several governors (and I think we need a governor, not another senator) that would be good candidates. While I’m not ready at this early date to pick one, I would name just a few; Governors Palin, Pawlenty, Jindal and Sanford come to mind.

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