GOP Elites Vs. The Grassroots

May 15, 2009

On May 11th, Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced that he was running for the US Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez. On the same day, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chaired by Senator Cornyn, endorsed Governor Crist. It is inappropriate for the NRSC to endorse a candidate in a primary race. There are two other candidates, Dr. Marion Thorpe (former Chief Medical Officer of Florida) and Marco Rubio (former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives).

The endorsement of Governor Crist is a symptom of two larger problems in the GOP. The first problem is that the Party’s elites have bought into the mainstream media’s contention that in order to win, Republicans need to nominate “moderate” candidates. I put the word moderate in quotes, because many within the Party believe that so-called moderates are actually not Republicans at all. Some call them R.I.N.O.s (Republican In Name Only). Some call them “Democrat-Light”. Still others call them the “right-wing of the Democratic Party”. Whatever you call them, these candidates either don’t win elections or they win but infuriate Republicans by supporting and enacting legislation and policies that are more like those put forth by Democrats and liberals, than Republicans and conservatives.

The other problem is that the GOP elites, whether they be in Washington, D.C., Tallahassee or any other state capitol believe that they know better than the grassroots, rank and file, members of the Party that actually campaign, fundraise and vote for candidates. After the Tea Parties in April many Republican “leaders” said they saw, heard and understood what the people were saying. They said they understood that the GOP had lost it’s way and had strayed away from the conservative principles that made us successful in the past. The fact that they’re recruiting and endorsing candidates like Charlie Crist, Tom Ridge and Carly Fiorina would have to lead a conservative to believe that they haven’t gotten the message at all.

 It is the opinion of some that winning an election with a candidate that has an “R” after their name is more important than electing candidates that actually embrace Republican/Conservative principles. That is not the opinion of the majority of the rank and file Republicans. We’re tired of the R.I.N.O. candidates that pay lip service to us to get elected and then betray us once they’re in power. The result of this disconnect between the elites and the grassroots will be nasty primary fights that may ultimately lead to general election defeats. It is almost an absolute certainty that the primary between Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio and Marion Thorpe will lead to a rift in the Florida Republican Party. But the fault lies squarely with the Governor and RPOF Chair Jim Greer. The people have spoken, but nobody in Washington or Tallahassee is listening.

Steven Rosenblum

3 Responses to “GOP Elites Vs. The Grassroots”

  1. PATRICK said


  2. Well stated, my friend. This is what I’ve been saying for some time now. I am in full support of Marco Rubio and won’t find myself in the same conundrum that I was in with the McCain vote. I voted McCain(basically Palin) and held my nose while doing so as to not assist the Marxist Obama. But in this case, I will not vote for Crist if he becomes the nominee. Not this time. No way!

  3. Katie Marshall said

    Don’t forget – There is another candidate running for the US Senate seat – Dr. Marshall DeRosa of the Constitution Party. This will be a true grassroots movement with NO insiders.
    Get to know Dr. DeRosa:

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