Ready, Set, Go… No Wait… Now… Hold On… OK Now Go

March 25, 2009

This appears to be the mantra of the new Obama administration every time they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  They say that they are going to monitor the new stimulus money to make sure that the companies receiving it uses it responsibly and do not waste it.  After all, it is taxpayer dollars being used.  By the way, shouldn’t every American receive shares of all of these companies as collateral or something?


Recently, AIG gave bonuses to some more of their executives for doing such a “great job”.  Some of the executives do not even work for the company any longer.  The language was put into the bill by Chris Dodd from Connecticut.  Wait a minute, doesn’t AIG have corporate offices in Connecticut?  I am sure that it is just a coincidence.  But, I do wonder who received the most campaign contributions from AIG during the last election cycle?  Let’s see, who could that be? That’s right, it was Chris Dodd, Mr. Countrywide mortgage deal guy himself.  I am sure that it was just another coincidence.  After all, Mr. Dodd is really tight with Barney Frank and both of them are financial geniuses who swore up and down that Fannie and Freddie were very sound financially, so I am sure that the campaign donations had nothing to do with the language in the stimulus package.  Yeah, right!


Well, at least our government is making sure that France does not get any of taxpayer’s stimulus money.  Oops again.  As it turns out, AIG gave $15BILLION to French banks.  I know, I know……..that’s what AIG does.  It insures banks against loses in investments that were touted as stable by Dodd and Frank.  But that was with private money before.  Now, it is with United States taxpayer money.  Our children’s money.  Why doesn’t France give AIG some bailout money, I mean stimulus money to bailout their own banks?  Then again, why should they when the United States will do it for them.


Now, Obama says that starting next time our government will make sure that we do not waste any stimulus money.  That’s right, there will be a next time because the stimulus plan will not stimulate the economy so Congress is considering, yet, another stimulus.  By the way, that is why they stopped calling it a stimulus package, it is now called something like the American reinvestment, no wait……..the American…….forget it, I can’t keep up.  It is like our government calling “global warming” climate change now because it has been getting colder.


Well, at least our new government came up with a reasonable budget…………wait for it……that’s right, it is the biggest budget in United States history.  My question is this, why do we need such a big budget if we just spent TRILLIONS of our children’s dollars?  I think that, at least, some of the money would have offset what would have been needed in our regular budget.  You really can’t blame the government because Timothy Geitner has been working really hard, after all, he is the only guy in his office.  People that are slated to work for him either back out or have too many problems to get appointed to his office.  The Treasury Department is like the Bermuda Triangle of government.


When are “we the people” going to realize that we have to stop electing and re-electing these “politicians”?  We have the power to change all of this but we must use it in order for it to work.  When are we going to realize that our “elected officials” are so in bed with the lobbyists and special interest groups that “we the people” do not matter to them.  They know that we are going to elect them again because that is what we do.  I said it during our last campaign and I am sure that I will be saying it during this campaign, “the only special interest group that should be in Washington, D.C. should be the American people.”


Thank you and God Bless the United States of America,


Edward Lynch


One Response to “Ready, Set, Go… No Wait… Now… Hold On… OK Now Go”

  1. American Confucius said

    I take issue with you’re suggestion that there was some nefarious nexus between Dodd’s allowance of the bonuses and Dodd’s relationship with AIG. There’s no doubt that Dodd had been bedfellows with AIG in the past and with the other financial institutions that are in my opinion primarily responsible for this financial mayhem. And although I suspect that Dodd did in fact know about the bonus provisions in the bill, I don’t necessarily make the conclusion that he did so because of the same political motivations he had in jumping into bed with AIG in the first place. Again, assuming he knew about the provisions, I think he realized that the retention bonuses were contractual, and as a lawyer he upheld the notion of freedom of contract. It was only when the demagoguery (or tyranny) of the masses hit high pitch that Dodd found himself caught between a hammer and an anvil, so to speak. To be clear, I’m only defending him as to his upholding of the bonus provisions, and nothing else. As a businessman yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree that contracts must be upheld even in the face of political demagoguery. In regard to the retention bonuses, again, they were contractual – an arm’s length exchange of considerations between two parties. As conservatives, I think we need to take the high road and defend these executives at all cost, since, the cost of not doing so I fear will lead to the weakening of the most basic freedom God gave to mankind.

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