Jumping Off Of Bridges

March 11, 2009

Remember when you were a child and you got in trouble for doing something stupid and you tried to defend your position by stating the ever popular, “well my friends are doing it.”  To which your parents would state, the just as popular, “If all of your friends were jumping off a bridge would you do it too?” You wanted to answer “yes” but you knew that was the wrong answer.  Today I was watching the usual news channels with all of the political pundits going on, as they always do, about the government.  I noticed that no matter what the subject matter there seemed to be a constant answer.  The answer was, “Well, that is what we got when the Republicans were in charge.” 


Nancy Pelosi recently came under fire for using our armed services as her personal air force.  She was adamant about our government keeping large planes ready for her use.  She also got some heat for trying to take her husband on a trip to Iraq with her.  When the “pundits” were asked about this they replied that this is the same thing that happened when there was a Republican Speaker of the House.


Today, President Obama, behind closed doors, signed our nation’s $410 billion spending bill.  This spending bill has over 8500 earmarks.  That is right….over eight thousand, five hundred earmarks.  When Democratic leaders and pundits were asked about all of these earmarks, their response was, “well, 40% of them are from the Republicans.”  Stinking less does not mean that you don’t stink. By the way, Obama signed this bill despite his promise to end earmarks and make the government more transparent and more ethical.  Nancy Pelosi promised the same thing yet they had to use the Freedom of Information Act to get the information about “Pelosi Airlines”.  President Obama should have been a man of his word and vetoed this bill and demanded that all earmarks to be removed.


When many of the members of President Obama’s administration came under scrutiny for tax problems, their response was that the Republicans were just as bad.  When Barney Frank came under scrutiny about his complete and thorough buffoonery regarding his responsibilities on the Financial Services Committee, his response was that it was the Bush administration’s policies that caused all of the problems.


When Democrats come under fire for anything they have a tendency to blame the “failed polices of the Bush administration”.  However, let us not forget that Democrats have been in charge of the House of Representatives since 2006.  Since then, they have set the agenda for bills to be presented on the floor for debate, they have come up with the budget and they have put in the earmarks (not the President).


Now, elected officials must do their job, you know the one that we are paying them for.  They need to stop the blame game and do not use the excuse that it is alright for them to continue with their illegal activities, their tax evasion, their paying off special interest groups with political favors for campaign donations, their doing nothing on the taxpayer dollar, their not living in the state that they are supposed to represent, their cavorting with bad people, and all of the other despicable acts.  You know who they are.  This is not “change we can believe in”, this is being a coward and doing what they want because all of their friends “are jumping off of bridges.”  This is politics as usual, it has to end and we have the power to end it.  We did not do it in 2008, we must in 2010 because these leopards are not going to change their spots.  These times call for real leaders; leaders of business……leaders of men…..let’s elect them.


May God bless you and the United States of America.


Edward Lynch


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