Dear Senator whatchamacallit (paste in your senator/representative’s name)

I heard today that President Obama is seeking the ability to take over companies that MIGHT fail.

It doesn’t matter that he only wants this power over companies “like” AIG – this is a travesty!

Please do your part to restore the free market to the United States and to help rebuild the independent spirit that built this nation.

We do not need more bail-outs, we do not need more assistance going to stop foreclosures on loans to people who never should have had them in the first place, and we most definitely do not need to increase the tax burden on people who are paying taxes.

The best thing you can do for this country, and for your constituents (who put you in office) would be to vote no on anything that detracts from the free market, detracts from capitalism in this country, or infringes on the freedoms of people in this country.

To this point, the Obama regime has grown the deficit by over 9 trillion dollars (more than 11 trillion according to the CBO) – that is more than $100,000 for each man, woman and child in this country. If you stop and think about it for a few minutes, there are people living in houses that cost less than one person’s tax burden, and whole households can live for 2 years or more on that amount.

Please look at any bill coming to you as if you were making less than $20/hour and you have to support a family on what your government leaves you.

Thank you

Charlie Grett


Too Big To Fail?

March 27, 2009

The premise that led to the bailouts and the TARP programs was that the companies the government was helping were “too big to fail”. Armed with that assumption, the Bush Administration led by Secretary Paulson began what has become an ongoing cycle of fear mongering, bailouts and scandals, costing the American Taxpayers literally trillions of dollars. The Obama Administration, aided and abetted by the Democrats in Congress has only compounded the problem with out of control spending and new taxes. These are debts and deficits that our children and grandchildren will have to work to repay.

But are these companies really too big to fail? If so, why were they allowed to get so big that their failure could so damage the nation’s economy?

Since we’re talking about “bailouts” let’s use the analogy of a sinking ship. Even if the ship is as large and expensive as an oil tanker, at some point, if it’s apparent that no amount of pumping (or bailing out) can save the ship, they let it sink and accept the loses.

That’s what has to happen to GM, Chrysler and any banks or insurance companies, including AIG, that can’t survive in the free market. They need to file for Chapter 11 and restructure themselves and their contracts. If they can’t then they have to file for Chapter 7. Will there be short-term pain? Yes, but compared to the long-term burden we’re placing on future generations, it’s a small price to pay and it’s the right thing to do. It’s the principled thing to do.

If in fact any of these companies is truly too big to fail then Congress is at fault for not using anti-trust laws to break up that company in the name of competition and national security.

I don’t believe any company is too big to fail in a capitalist, free market society. The government shouldn’t be in the business of deciding winners and losers in the United States of America.

Steven Rosenblum

This appears to be the mantra of the new Obama administration every time they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  They say that they are going to monitor the new stimulus money to make sure that the companies receiving it uses it responsibly and do not waste it.  After all, it is taxpayer dollars being used.  By the way, shouldn’t every American receive shares of all of these companies as collateral or something?


Recently, AIG gave bonuses to some more of their executives for doing such a “great job”.  Some of the executives do not even work for the company any longer.  The language was put into the bill by Chris Dodd from Connecticut.  Wait a minute, doesn’t AIG have corporate offices in Connecticut?  I am sure that it is just a coincidence.  But, I do wonder who received the most campaign contributions from AIG during the last election cycle?  Let’s see, who could that be? That’s right, it was Chris Dodd, Mr. Countrywide mortgage deal guy himself.  I am sure that it was just another coincidence.  After all, Mr. Dodd is really tight with Barney Frank and both of them are financial geniuses who swore up and down that Fannie and Freddie were very sound financially, so I am sure that the campaign donations had nothing to do with the language in the stimulus package.  Yeah, right!


Well, at least our government is making sure that France does not get any of taxpayer’s stimulus money.  Oops again.  As it turns out, AIG gave $15BILLION to French banks.  I know, I know……..that’s what AIG does.  It insures banks against loses in investments that were touted as stable by Dodd and Frank.  But that was with private money before.  Now, it is with United States taxpayer money.  Our children’s money.  Why doesn’t France give AIG some bailout money, I mean stimulus money to bailout their own banks?  Then again, why should they when the United States will do it for them.


Now, Obama says that starting next time our government will make sure that we do not waste any stimulus money.  That’s right, there will be a next time because the stimulus plan will not stimulate the economy so Congress is considering, yet, another stimulus.  By the way, that is why they stopped calling it a stimulus package, it is now called something like the American reinvestment, no wait……..the American…….forget it, I can’t keep up.  It is like our government calling “global warming” climate change now because it has been getting colder.


Well, at least our new government came up with a reasonable budget…………wait for it……that’s right, it is the biggest budget in United States history.  My question is this, why do we need such a big budget if we just spent TRILLIONS of our children’s dollars?  I think that, at least, some of the money would have offset what would have been needed in our regular budget.  You really can’t blame the government because Timothy Geitner has been working really hard, after all, he is the only guy in his office.  People that are slated to work for him either back out or have too many problems to get appointed to his office.  The Treasury Department is like the Bermuda Triangle of government.


When are “we the people” going to realize that we have to stop electing and re-electing these “politicians”?  We have the power to change all of this but we must use it in order for it to work.  When are we going to realize that our “elected officials” are so in bed with the lobbyists and special interest groups that “we the people” do not matter to them.  They know that we are going to elect them again because that is what we do.  I said it during our last campaign and I am sure that I will be saying it during this campaign, “the only special interest group that should be in Washington, D.C. should be the American people.”


Thank you and God Bless the United States of America,


Edward Lynch

I Hate Speeches

March 23, 2009

Greetings fellow South Florida riders, South Floridians, and Americans, here we are for another monthly installment of our Wheels on the Road political assessment. It is hard to believe how fast a month flies by but it seems that we have been under the Obama administration for years; perhaps it is the everyday speeches.


I hate speeches.


I pride myself in being a person of calm demeanor, unless of course you are Attorney General Eric Holder and you call my America a “nation of cowards”. So as I begin this month’s article I find myself on the verge of total rage which is great for writing.


In these first 60 days of the Obama administration I am beginning to have concern over issues of national security. There have been some very disturbing trends which I will share in this month’s column.


It first started right after the coronation; I mean inauguration, with the first phone call going to Mahmoud Abbas. Last time I checked the leader of the displaced Arab nomad group in the West Bank called Fatah was not a National leader, or ally. Considering all the other key allies who have stood by the United States, why was this gentleman first for a new President to call?


Next came the series of executive orders which commanded we shut down Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) detention facility, stop any harsh treatment of terrorists, and ceased any ongoing military trials against those being held. Now just recently we have heard from the infamous GITMO 5 who have claimed they take utmost pride in what they have accomplished to include the atrocities of 9-11.


We know that some 60 released detainees went right back to the battlefield to include several who are now leaders in Yemen and Afghanistan. Some would say this recidivism rate is low, however, not when you are the US man or woman in uniform overseas fighting.


As of 13 March we have been instructed by this administration that we can no longer call these fellas “enemy combatants”. Hmm, lets see, how about we call them “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighters”? I am certain we should consult Dr Phil for a proper means to address these cheeky fellows without damaging their self-esteem.


New Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently stated in an interview that she found using the term terrorism nuanced. She preferred using the term “man created disasters”. Well, Secretary Napolitano, if there is another “man created disaster” perpetrated by “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighters” Americans not take that too kindly.


Does an IED fall into the category of a “man created disaster”?


Soon after the series of executive orders focusing on GITMO the President gave his first TV interview, with Al Arabiya. During that interview he remarked about a return to better relations with the Muslim world, like 30 years ago. Perhaps the President did not realize that in Iran they have been celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Islamic revolution.


I remember that being a very sad and embarrassing episode in American history, can you say Embassy hostages?


At a time when we are having serious economic issues the American taxpayers are now sending $900 Million to the Gaza Strip for rebuilding. The “political” entity controlling Gaza is called Hamas, and they are a “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighter” organization. I can certainly bet that the only thing being rebuilt will be tunnels from Egypt into Gaza.


Along with that piece of change, is, by executive order, $20.3 Million going to resettle pro-Hamas Palestinians to the USA…..did anyone ask the American people about this?


First planned foreign country visit? Turkey, where “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighter” ideology is taking root (I call it radical Islamic ideology, but don’t tell anyone, I could be arrested for hate speech).


So far the President’s only visit to a US military installation was to Camp Lejeune NC, home of the US Marine II Expeditionary Force, a place where I spent three great years. The purpose was to announce his plan for withdrawal from Iraq.


Could you imagine Alexander the Great telling his Macedonians, “well guys, that whole bit about conquering the world, I was just kidding, let’s go home”. Warriors want to be inspired.


President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have both referred to our ICE agents as terrorizing Hispanics and being un-American. That should really inspire them to protect us against illegal immigrants.


Ok, you are asking so what? Well, this is the so what, President Obama has decided that our wounded warriors and others with service related injuries will have to use private insurance. AFLAC does not send our men and women into harm’s way to defend our way of life, the Constitution mandates the government do so.


 The so what is that why are we placating and appeasing the enemy while abandoning those who stay on the wall protecting our America? That has me fuming and truly concerned about the loyalties of this President.


Nero fiddled while Rome burned; our President Barack Hussein Obama has Wednesday evening parties in the White House.


How did we get to this point?

Ride Hard, Ride Safe.


Lt. Col. Allen West

Outraged At The Outrage

March 18, 2009

Like most Americans, I’m outraged at the retention bonuses that AIG is planning to pay some of it’s top executives using our taxpayer/bailout dollars. But what I’m more outraged at is the feigned outrage coming from the President, the Treasury Secretary and the architects of this crisis; Rep. Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd. Do you mean to tell me that these four men, who were the framers of these bailouts, didn’t know that these contracts existed before they gave AIG the money? If that’s true, they should all resign immediately. If they’re that incompetent they shouldn’t be in positions of leadership.

The sad truth is that they probably knew all about it, but hoped that the public wouldn’t notice. Now they’re doing damage control. Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were top recipients of lobbyist money from companies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG over the past 10 years, could there be some correlation? There is plenty of blame to go around for this crisis, on both sides of the aisle, but the Democrats have control of both houses of Congress and the White House.

What happens now and for at least the next two years, is in their hands. They’ve passed up chances to really change the way things are done on earmarks, the budget and bipartisanship. They have another opportunity here. Stop pretending to be outraged and just fix the problem. Admit your mistakes, learn from them and move forward. That would be change we can believe in.

Steven Rosenblum

Financial Child Abuse

March 16, 2009

Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn published an article last week that says what many conservatives have been saying for years. And yes, we were even saying it when George W. Bush was president.

In the last 40 years, Baby Boomers, with an enabling hand from “the Greatest Generation”, have stuck our children and our grandchildren with a tremendous, almost insurmountable debt, in order to pay for our lifestyle. A lifestyle we wanted but couldn’t afford. So to get it, we borrowed from the future; our children’s future.

We have committed financial child abuse on the young of our country. When did we stop trying to make our children’s lives better than ours and start trying to make our lives better than our children’s?

Does the name Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society ring a bell?

To quote Mark Steyn’s piece: “This is the biggest generational transfer of wealth in the history of the world. If you’re an 18-year-old middle-class hopeychanger, look at the way your parents and grandparents live: It’s not going to be like that for you. You’re going to have a smaller house, and a smaller car – if not a basement flat and a bus ticket. You didn’t get us into this catastrophe. But you’re going to be stuck with the tab, just like the Germans got stuck with paying reparations for the catastrophe of the First World War. True, the Germans were actually in the war, whereas in the current crisis you guys were just goofing around at school, dozing through Diversity Studies and hoping to ace Anger Management class. But tough. That’s the way it goes.”

Jack Furnari

The PH Balance Of Taxes

March 13, 2009

Who can figure out the tax system of our country?  I can’t.  In fact, most I.R.S. agents don’t even know it in its entirety.  Let me fill you in on a little secret… the government likes it that way.  They made it impossible to understand on purpose.  Why?  So that they can take more of your money without you even knowing it.  But, what the government fails to recognize is that the current tax system oozes with cracks and inefficiencies.  As a result, the government is missing out on billions of our dollars.  So, in effect, the crazy plan the government put into place in order to capitalize on the amount of tax money they take from us is the same plan that prohibits them from being able to hold onto all of it.  Only in America.

As a businessman, I know that the key to stroking any deal is when both parties are presented with the opportunity to gain something.  So, I propose we help the government maximize on the amount of money they make from us.  WHAT?!? WHY WOULD ANY CONSERVATIVE SAY SUCH A THING????  Before you all freak out, allow me to explain.

As we all know, every time we get our paychecks it comes to us after the government has taken out our various taxes.  For demonstration purposes, let’s suppose $100 comes out of every paycheck for taxes.  That $100 represents 100% of the total amount of taxes that come out of every paycheck.  That 100% is then sent to the federal treasury and they do whatever it is that they do with it and we live and balance our lives based upon never seeing that money.

Well, what if every time our taxes are taken out of our paychecks instead of the entire 100% going directly into the federal treasury only 90% went in and the remaining 10% didn’t go back into your paycheck or your pockets but it was instead automatically deposited into a private investment account that was already set up in your name.  And what if there was a restriction placed upon this investment account that stipulated you could only use the money to 1) buy a home as a residence 2) open a retirement account 3) start a business or 4) invest on Wall St.

Over time, this 10% that get’s redirected with every paycheck is earning interest and compounding on top of itself.  Depending upon your tax bracket, most tax payers would have a fairly substantial amount of money built up in there in just a few years time.   Think about it, if within 20 years 60% of tax payers in America were home owners and/or had a retirement account and/or owned a business and/or were invested, would that or would that not be good for our economy?  It would.  And when the economy is good, is that or is that not good for the value of our currency?  It is.  And when our currency is strong, does that or does that not encourage foreign investment into our country? It does.  And when all of this is going on, would that or would that not create more revenue for the federal treasury? It would.  And by the way, the last time I checked, if you own a home you have to pay property taxes.  If you have a retirement account, you have to pay taxes on the assets at time of distribution.  If you own a business, you pay taxes and if you are invested you pay taxes on the assets as income. 

And so, we have in fact, created more tax revenue streams for our government than what currently exists while, at the exact same time, more American tax dollars are being put to work for American tax payers and our own tax money is financing our own personal investments.  Everybody wins!

I call it the “PH Balance” because it’s strong enough for the government but PH balanced just for you.

Paul M. Harvey

Jumping Off Of Bridges

March 11, 2009

Remember when you were a child and you got in trouble for doing something stupid and you tried to defend your position by stating the ever popular, “well my friends are doing it.”  To which your parents would state, the just as popular, “If all of your friends were jumping off a bridge would you do it too?” You wanted to answer “yes” but you knew that was the wrong answer.  Today I was watching the usual news channels with all of the political pundits going on, as they always do, about the government.  I noticed that no matter what the subject matter there seemed to be a constant answer.  The answer was, “Well, that is what we got when the Republicans were in charge.” 


Nancy Pelosi recently came under fire for using our armed services as her personal air force.  She was adamant about our government keeping large planes ready for her use.  She also got some heat for trying to take her husband on a trip to Iraq with her.  When the “pundits” were asked about this they replied that this is the same thing that happened when there was a Republican Speaker of the House.


Today, President Obama, behind closed doors, signed our nation’s $410 billion spending bill.  This spending bill has over 8500 earmarks.  That is right….over eight thousand, five hundred earmarks.  When Democratic leaders and pundits were asked about all of these earmarks, their response was, “well, 40% of them are from the Republicans.”  Stinking less does not mean that you don’t stink. By the way, Obama signed this bill despite his promise to end earmarks and make the government more transparent and more ethical.  Nancy Pelosi promised the same thing yet they had to use the Freedom of Information Act to get the information about “Pelosi Airlines”.  President Obama should have been a man of his word and vetoed this bill and demanded that all earmarks to be removed.


When many of the members of President Obama’s administration came under scrutiny for tax problems, their response was that the Republicans were just as bad.  When Barney Frank came under scrutiny about his complete and thorough buffoonery regarding his responsibilities on the Financial Services Committee, his response was that it was the Bush administration’s policies that caused all of the problems.


When Democrats come under fire for anything they have a tendency to blame the “failed polices of the Bush administration”.  However, let us not forget that Democrats have been in charge of the House of Representatives since 2006.  Since then, they have set the agenda for bills to be presented on the floor for debate, they have come up with the budget and they have put in the earmarks (not the President).


Now, elected officials must do their job, you know the one that we are paying them for.  They need to stop the blame game and do not use the excuse that it is alright for them to continue with their illegal activities, their tax evasion, their paying off special interest groups with political favors for campaign donations, their doing nothing on the taxpayer dollar, their not living in the state that they are supposed to represent, their cavorting with bad people, and all of the other despicable acts.  You know who they are.  This is not “change we can believe in”, this is being a coward and doing what they want because all of their friends “are jumping off of bridges.”  This is politics as usual, it has to end and we have the power to end it.  We did not do it in 2008, we must in 2010 because these leopards are not going to change their spots.  These times call for real leaders; leaders of business……leaders of men…..let’s elect them.


May God bless you and the United States of America.


Edward Lynch

An Immediate Action Plan

March 10, 2009

Last week I attended the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) annual meeting in Washington DC. It was my second opportunity to attend this great event. This year the attendance hit an all time high of nearly 9000, and again seeing so many young people generates an astounding energy.

Being a former active duty Army officer of some 22 years service we are taught a very important lesson, self-assessment. After the completion of any operation, especially in combat, you conduct an after action review (AAR) in order to objectively develop lessons learned for improvement.

With that being said, I would like to offer my assessment from CPAC.

A week after the completion of CPAC who are we speaking of as conservative leaders? So far I have seen two persons making several appearances and dominating the news; 13 year old Jonathan Krohn and Rush Limbaugh.

I will admit, the young man from my hometown of Atlanta is a conservative phenomenon and certainly a future voice. As well, there is no doubt that Rush Limbaugh is an ideological giant of conservatism in America at this time. However, neither of these fine Gents shall be seeking political office and developing legislation to fight against the liberal socialist agenda.

What was needed coming out of CPAC is a definitive conservative political leader who will, much as Speaker Gingrich, begin to pull together our philosophy and be the voice in opposition to Pelosi, Reid, and yes, President Obama. We must have a Leonidas who will stand in the gap for our Republic as its foundational fabric is under attack.

In the same light, everyone attending CPAC, sponsored by the American Conservative Union, should have departed with an action plan; we call it a CONPLAN (concept plan) in the military. This simple document would serve as a means to bring conservatives on a common azimuth to understand our principles and how they relate to prominent current issues; the economy, fight against radical Islamic ideology, energy independence, illegal immigration, and our Constitutional rights.

The left came together based upon Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, a book we should all read, and we must therefore also unify our thoughts.

Conservatives must focus, never forget the maxim of “divide and conquer”, which is being used against us to dilute and divert our efforts, and attention. There is so much dangerous legislation being enacted, as well as executive orders, which are taking us down the path of tyrannical socialism. See the matador, and not chase the pretty red cape, and with a leader, concept plan, and focused followers we can achieve that end.

There is a reason why the left is attacking Rush.

We must stop using the tactic of frontal assault and employ other means of political maneuver; infiltration, penetration, or even turning movements. We have to learn to attack the liberal left not on their terms but by exploiting weaknesses and focusing efforts against that opening. No one wins on defense, I say attack them, and CPAC gave us a fantastic opportunity to develop that attack plan and disseminate it.

Very well, enough of pointing out my assessments, what are the solutions?

We must look to the mid-term elections of 2010 and that is the immediate objective. We cannot afford to lose any more seats, but that is playing defense. We need to go on the offense and target 40-45 seats in the House Congressional races. Congress is where the dogfight is, and defeating Speaker Pelosi is vital.

This is where our new Chairman Michael Steele, the State GOP Chairmen, and NRCC are vital. Send up their recommendations for review and approval, conduct an objective assessment board, conduct candidate interviews, and select those who will present the best image and deliver the conservative message.

And I did say, conservative message, no more talk about moderate, middle of the road Republicans. Only thing in the middle of the road is road kill, which is what happened in 2006 and 2008.

Lastly, out of that 40-45 candidates, we then need to train a “Dirty Dozen” who will be the best of the best and will lead the fight. We should take someone like Congressman Mike Pence who will, such as Lee Marvin, be responsible to groom this group and present them all over the Country as the future conservative legislators of the Republican Party.

Next years CPAC should feature this vanguard 12 men and women who will our conservative standard bearers and we must promote them in the media.

If in 4 years the left wing liberals could take an empty suit charlatan from giving a speech to the White House…we as conservatives can do better, much better.

First, we shall focus on Victory in 2010’s mid-term elections and begin to recommit to our principles and values, restore our Republic, and reclaim American pride!

Lt. Col. Allen West

First of all, I would like to clear up a few items.  Were there failed policies of the Bush Administration?  Perhaps, in fact, for the sake of argument, let us say yes.  The last eight years….blah, blah, blah.  Let us also consider that, despite these so called failed policies, the citizens in our country were doing pretty well up until 2006 and were kept safe since 2001.  What changed?  You guessed it, we elected a Democratic Congress.  That is not to say that our congress acted democratically, more correctly, our Congress was run by the Democrats.  Nancy Pelosi and her cronies would not allow a single substantive debate regarding any of the major issues that we are having to deal with right now.  In fact, we were told by Barney Frank that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in great financial shape.  Either he was too stupid to know any better or he knew what was going on and chose to do nothing about it because democrats believe that every American is entitled to own a house, whether or not they can afford it.  I do not care which is the case, either way he should not be in charge of the financial services committee, nor should he even be a congressman.  This is just one example, there are many others.


You see, the majority party in congress has the responsibility of setting the agenda with regard to which items will be placed on the schedule to be discussed, debated and ultimately voted on.  Remember the “drill here, drill now” mantra?  Congress was never allowed to vote on that due to the fact that Nancy Pelosi did not want to, period.  Our government has gone from being a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” to being a government “of the politician, by the majority party and for the special interest groups who put them there”.  This is not the way our founding fathers wanted it and this is not the way to solve our problems.  It has been said that those that fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it, and our politicians (for lack of a better word) are playing a dangerous game with the futures of our children and grand-children.


Let me be clear, we can not spend our way out of this economic recession, soon to be a depression.  Japan tried for 10 years and now they are in a major depression.  They have a GDP growth rate of -10%, during the great depression we had a GDP growth rate of between -2% to -12%.  When companies do a bad job, they need to fail, no matter who they are or how big they are.  We can not bailout these companies because; number one, it probably will not work; and number two, if we take all of the risk out of being in business we will promulgate this corruption that has run so rampant throughout our big businesses, Wall Street and, most importantly, our government.  Forget special interests, the only special interest that there should be in Washington in us, the people.


Let me tell you straight up, this culture of corruption does not know race, it does not know sex, it does not know religion, and it does not know party affiliation.  There are bad people on both sides of the aisle because our government, like big businesses, got too big for their own britches and lost sight of their priorities.  In 2006, we Republicans got slapped around and it was a sobering wake up call.  Unfortunately, it was a little too late and we lost in 2008 also.  But, let there be no mistake about it, we are awake now and there are some good people ready to put our government back where it should the hands of  “the people”. 


It is time for us to take back our government from those who continue to game the system for their own selfish political and financial gain. Now, hear what I just said, we need to take it back.  Our politicians are not going to just give it back because we have let them have a good life off of us citizens for far too long, besides, if we eliminate lobbyists, most of them will not be qualified to work anywhere else.  By take it back I mean we need to “vote the bums out”.  We have got to stop being so ignorant as to say that, “I have voted Democrat (or Republican) all of my life and that is how I am going to vote”.  That is just plain stupid.  Why would you vote for some criminal just because they are affiliated with one party or the other?  If you were on jury duty on a trial for someone who was accused of harming a child, and the evidence against them was overwhelming, would you cast your vote as not guilty just because of their political affiliation?  Well, that is exactly what you are doing every time you vote for one of these criminal incumbents.


Let me give you an example.  I am running for congress in one of the most Democratic districts in our nation against an incumbent who has been our “representative” for over 12 years.  In 12 years, he has not passed a single bill; he has broken his oath to uphold the constitution by not even living in our state; he is being investigated by the F.B.I. for money laundering; he is very connected to the impeached Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich; he received serious illegal campaign contributions from Harry Sargeant III and that is only the tip of the iceberg.  But he holds one of the safest seats in Congress because of the demographics of his district.  Am I saying these things because I am running against him?  Absolutely not! I am running against him because of these things.  Is it a tough, uphill battle?  You bet, but my kids and your kids deserve a better congressman than this.


Do you want to talk about change?  Well, I do too.  This type of situation around the country needs to change but, it is up to us to change it.  We need to get more involved in our government.  We need to find out the truth about our elected officials.  We can not rely on the fact that someone belongs to a certain party so they must be good or bad.  We must hold our elected officials accountable and we must tell them, as Donald Trump did so many times on his television show, “You’re fired”, when they fail to adequately represent us. 


Remember, we may get the government that we deserve but let’s make sure that we give our children the government that they deserve…. and this is not it.



May God bless you, our children, our troops and the United States of America.



Edward Lynch