Power To The People

February 26, 2009

The decay of social responsibility and self-reliance in our society has directly led to us, as a people, developing amnesia.  We have forgotten the fact that we don’t answer to the government; the government answers to us.  Yes, they are leaders but who do you think put them there?  We did!  They are not leaders by birth right, they are elected leaders.  And as such they answer to us, the voters, the ones who put them there to represent us in the first place.

Yet, for some unknown reason, we have forgotten this very basic and simply fact.  Everyday, as a society, we lean on the government more and more to take care of us and to provide for us.  Never has this trend been more prevalent than it is today.  If nothing else, the Secular Progressives have done a very good job at convincing us that we need to government to take care of things for us because we are unable to take care of things on our own.

How many times have you seen someone at fault pass the blame onto someone or something else and get away with it?  How many times have we heard doctors prescribe mood altering drugs for kids because their parents are unable to discipline them?  How many criminals have avoided jail time because the crimes they committed were apparently the byproduct of a bad childhood?  How many people will keep homes that they can’t afford because responsible citizens are forced to pay for their bad mortgages?  How many illegal aliens will avoid paying medical bills while tax payers insurance premiums skyrocket? How many crooked CEOs will continue to make millions of dollars in bonuses that are financed by the same taxpayers they are laying off because the CEOs are in the pockets of the legislators? How many entrepreneurs and small business owners will abondon their dreams of owning their own buisnesses because they are unable to compete against the mega-corporations who are bailed out by taxpayer money every time they start to fail?  And on, and on, and on.

This lack of ethics, this lack of a moral fiber, this lack of social responsibility that is so rampant today has directly led to the very same government that we elected to represent us and protect us…. to turn on us.  Every single time that we allow the government to take control over an aspect of our lives, we are giving them the power.  That is not what are founding fathers ever intended for our system of government.  The power lies with the people.  The time is now to say “NO MORE!”  We will not be dictated to and we will not be ruled over.

I challenge everybody who reads this to find the will, convinction and pride within their own heart to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions and lives.  This life is whatever you make it; not what someone else tells you it’s going to be.  If everyone applies a moral convinction to our own lives and work ethics first, then we as a society can take matters into our own hands and will no longer need to rely on the government to dictate our lives.  Take back the power.  Power to the people!

– Paul M. Harvey

3 Responses to “Power To The People”

  1. Rudy said

    Personal and corporate responsibility have been rolled back by our current administration. At first it might seem to the casual observer like his is socializing parts of our economy industry by industry, or company by company. What he has really been doing is taking away moral hazard from our capitalism. Instead of facing the consequences of bad spending, or bad business decisions, the US people are now finding the government will pay for their mistakes, instead of themselves.

  2. Rudy said

    ok I should have looked at that before I clicked submit. What is should say at one point is

    At first it might seem to the casual observer like Obama is socializing parts of our economy industry by industry, or company by company.

  3. Rudy, you are right. It’s pretty smart if you think about it. If secular progressives were to just take everything over in one sweeping motion,it would be noticeable and the people would revolt. But by metodically going one by one, industry by industry, it flys under the radar and so no one is there to stop it. This is how it starts….you wait and see. I choose not to wait and see. I choose to bring awareness and fight back.

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