Greetings readers, I have held my peace long enough to allow Attorney General Eric Holder an opportunity to rectify his faux pas from last week. I am now compelled to offer my insights into Attorney General Holder’s epidemic of diarrhea of the mouth when he called our Country a “Nation of Cowards”.


Whenever I think of fools speaking unwisely I am drawn to the writings of one who is considered the wisest man the world has ever known, not you Bill Clinton. Rather, I speak of King Solomon and his words from the Book of Proverbs.


Solomon certainly has some advice which Eric Holder may wish to take to heart. I shall use The Soldiers New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, Holman Christian Standard Bible


Proverbs 15:7 “The lips of the wise broadcast knowledge, but not so the heart of fools”


Proverbs 15:14 “The discerning mind seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feed on foolishness”


For Eric Holder to castigate our America as a “nation of cowards”, being someone who has capitalized on every opportunity this Country could afford, is pure foolishness. It also represents a malicious narcissism and hypocrisy from someone purported to be of great education.


I am a West Man, third of four generations of military servicemen; Dad World War II combat wounded veteran, older Brother Vietnam Marine combat wounded veteran, my serving 22 years active duty in 13 different countries and three combat zones, and my young nephew, Captain Herman Bernard West, commanding an artillery unit serving his second tour in Afghanistan. We are proud American black Men who certainly are not indicative of a “nation of cowards”. Holder’s comments are offensive to the legacy my Dad established for our family.


Perhaps also Attorney General Holder forgot about the many white Americans, and Jewish persons, who marched during the civil rights movement, some cowards huh?


Attorney General Holder, do not ever refer to my Country with such manner of disrespect. I have stood with Americans in many foreign lands, seen them everyday across this Nation, and we are not cowards!


Proverbs 17:28 “Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent, discerning when he seals his lips”


Attorney General Holder has certainly lost respect as the enforcer of our Nation’s laws. It would have bided him best to have kept his comment to himself, even though it must be in his heart. It has to be evident to the American people that this person cannot be trusted to protect a County which he holds in such disdain.


What could have persuaded Holder to make such an insidious comment and believe he would not be challenged? And anyone defending his comment or ignoring it is complicit in this terrible offense against our great Nation.


If Holder had any honor, which I doubt, he would have apologized. Since an apology seems to not be an option, Attorney General Holder MUST resign.


 If Holder does not resign then President Obama MUST dismiss Eric Holder from his Cabinet, or perhaps Obama and his cabinet hold the same contempt for America?


Proverbs 18:6 “A fools lips lead to strife, and his mouth provokes a beating”


My recommendation to Holder is to stay away from places where we cowards congregate; military bases, NASCAR races, around law enforcement officers, first responders, Southeast Conference college football and basketball games, Boy Scout meetings, biker bars, VFW and American Legion Posts, youth soccer games, anywhere true Americans exist.


Remain in those places where the bravest victims in America exist; your office, the White House, Ivy League schools, Hollywood, NAACP offices, Oprah Winfrey Show, and MSNBC. Cowardice is voting for an inexperienced usurper and charlatan just because he is black, do not be confused.


Yes, I am angry and therefore Attorney General Eric Holder you have earned a lifetime membership in The Phallus Cranium Club.


Sir, you are not there alone, Speaker Pelosi, Barney Frank and Rod Blagojevich are members, and Congressman Clyburn of South Carolina, your membership is being processed as well.


Lt. Col. Allen West


Power To The People

February 26, 2009

The decay of social responsibility and self-reliance in our society has directly led to us, as a people, developing amnesia.  We have forgotten the fact that we don’t answer to the government; the government answers to us.  Yes, they are leaders but who do you think put them there?  We did!  They are not leaders by birth right, they are elected leaders.  And as such they answer to us, the voters, the ones who put them there to represent us in the first place.

Yet, for some unknown reason, we have forgotten this very basic and simply fact.  Everyday, as a society, we lean on the government more and more to take care of us and to provide for us.  Never has this trend been more prevalent than it is today.  If nothing else, the Secular Progressives have done a very good job at convincing us that we need to government to take care of things for us because we are unable to take care of things on our own.

How many times have you seen someone at fault pass the blame onto someone or something else and get away with it?  How many times have we heard doctors prescribe mood altering drugs for kids because their parents are unable to discipline them?  How many criminals have avoided jail time because the crimes they committed were apparently the byproduct of a bad childhood?  How many people will keep homes that they can’t afford because responsible citizens are forced to pay for their bad mortgages?  How many illegal aliens will avoid paying medical bills while tax payers insurance premiums skyrocket? How many crooked CEOs will continue to make millions of dollars in bonuses that are financed by the same taxpayers they are laying off because the CEOs are in the pockets of the legislators? How many entrepreneurs and small business owners will abondon their dreams of owning their own buisnesses because they are unable to compete against the mega-corporations who are bailed out by taxpayer money every time they start to fail?  And on, and on, and on.

This lack of ethics, this lack of a moral fiber, this lack of social responsibility that is so rampant today has directly led to the very same government that we elected to represent us and protect us…. to turn on us.  Every single time that we allow the government to take control over an aspect of our lives, we are giving them the power.  That is not what are founding fathers ever intended for our system of government.  The power lies with the people.  The time is now to say “NO MORE!”  We will not be dictated to and we will not be ruled over.

I challenge everybody who reads this to find the will, convinction and pride within their own heart to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions and lives.  This life is whatever you make it; not what someone else tells you it’s going to be.  If everyone applies a moral convinction to our own lives and work ethics first, then we as a society can take matters into our own hands and will no longer need to rely on the government to dictate our lives.  Take back the power.  Power to the people!

– Paul M. Harvey

In the world of business, bottom lines are financed by revenue streams that feed into the system.  Businesses go to great lengths to maximize each revenue stream, that a particluar client may throw off, to its fullest and squeeze every ounce of revenue from it.  However, there is only so much revenue that can be squeezed from any given stream.  As a result, if a business hopes to continue to grow their revenues, they have to create new revenue streams that feed the business.  These new revenue streams could come from any number of different ways but the most common is by creating a new product or service and then selling it to the client as an add-on to all of the things the client may already be buying from the business.

This is, in fact, the only real way to create new revenue and grow a business because if a business were, instead, to decide that rather than offering and selling new products and services they could just simply take a lump sum of money from one area of their business and move it into another area of their business and then show that transaction as a profit, rather than as a transfer of funds, they would indeed be fooling themselves and providing a false sense of growth.  In fact, there have been many examples in the news over the past 10 years of major companies doing exactly that.  And rather than it resulting in new revenues, it ended up resulting in corruption scandals that brankrupt the company, left people unemployed and put the individuals who came up with the idea in jail.

So now we look at what’s going on in our economy and how the government is reacting to fix the economy and I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the illustration I mentioned above and what the government is currently doing.  It’s not rocket science folks!  If you need money, then create a new revenue stream.  One of the first that comes to mind is oil.  We have our own oil reserves yet we buy oil from terrorist nations and dicatorships. 

The price of oil is not based upon the supply and demand for it that currently exists, it is based upon what speculators think the future supply and demand for it will be.  As a result, the very minute you pass a law that allows American oil companies to drill for our own oil, the price of oil on the world market will go down because the future speculative supply would go up as America decides to become a major player.  Then, the minute a drill actually goes into the ground, the price goes down again and the minute oil is actually extracted, the price goes down yet again.

So if the price of oil is based upon future supply and demand, then doesn’t that mean that we could sell oil contracts to our allies in advance of actually having the oil available because we speculate that we will have a supply of oil available in the future?  Yes it does.  And as a result, you have immediately created a new revenue stream that is feeding into America, not to mention the thousands to millions of jobs that would be created, which will finance all of our endeavors as a nation and immediately fix our current economic mess.

I used oil merely as an example to support an overall idea.  I understand that oil is a hot button for a lot of people and so I invite you to substitute “oil” with any other commodity that we are not currently producing ourselves and you will see that the math still works out. Or would you rather just continue to borrow and spend money that we don’t actually have?

When you need money, create a new revenue stream.  What a concept.  In fact, it’s genius!

– Paul M. Harvey

Or… Just Set It On Fire

February 18, 2009

Hey black pot… have you met kettle?

If all of the financial “experts,” economists, politicians, lenders, creditors, mortgage brokers, underwriters, title companies, banks, etc. generally agree that the single biggest reason for the current economic mess was because a bunch of people took out loans to buy more house than they would otherwise be able to afford, hoping that by the time the variable interest rates kicked in they would either 1) have the income to pay for it or 2) have flipped the house for profit…….

And at the exact same time this was going on, banks and lending institutions actually approved these loans at 100% financing without any proof of income or collateral to support the loan knowing full well that there was a better than average chance these people would never be able to pay off their loans……..

Then how is it possible that anyone actually believes that the solution to this problem is for the government (ie: home buyer) to take out a loan at 100% financing without any collateral to support it from countries like China (ie: lending institution) and use this money to buy more projects (ie: house) than we would otherwise be able to afford, in an attempt to blunt a recession and hope that by the time that payment for this bill (ie: variable interest rate) comes due we will either 1) have the money to pay for it or 2) have created enough jobs and products for sale so that the value of our dollar will appreciate against the Chinese yen? 

Seriously, am I the only one who sees the irony of this plan?  My prediction: utter failure (I hope I’m wrong.)

Here’s a better idea….  why not just take a pile of money and set it on fire?  At least that way you could fight off inflation because there would be less dollar bills in circulation.

– Paul M. Harvey

It’s Basic Economics

February 16, 2009

The Stimulus Bill will not work. This isn’t a Republican thing, it’s not a Democratic thing, it’s not a Conservative thing, it’s not a Liberal thing, nor does it matter what your age, race, culture, religion or income is….it’s just basic economics.

Once again, our government has failed to account for human nature when creating a formula for success. Businesses are in busuiness to make money. The entrepreneur who started the buisness did so with the intent to make money and the people currently running the business are still doing so in order to make money (non-profits excluded). These businesses may make charitable contributions and they may provide some great products and services that are to the betterment of mankind, but at the end of the day the top priority for any buisness is maintain their bottom line. Without it, they cease to exist.

It is because of this bottom line mentality that the Stimulus Bill is doomed to fail. It does not account for human nature nor does it take into consideration the basic laws of supply and demand.

For example purposes, let’s assume that milk costs $1 a gallon and 1 million people buy milk. If money is handed out to people so that they can buy more milk and suddenly 2 million people are buying milk, then the cost of milk will increase to $2 a gallon in order for milk companies to maintain their bottom lines. As a result, not only will the additional 1 million people still not be able to buy milk because their additional income is cancelled out by the increase in cost, but the original 1 million people may also no longer be able to buy milk because they may have been able to afford it at $1 a gallon but unless their employers increase their pay to account for the additional cost of living, they too may not be able to pay $2 a gallon for milk.   And so rather than providing an opportunity for more people to afford milk, you have in essence created an environment in which less people can buy milk than what you originally started with.

The same is true to increasing taxes on buisnesses. Once again, because of the bottom line mentality, no business will ever incur the tax increase that is imposed upon them. Instead, they pass the tax increase onto us by either raising prices, cutting jobs or a combination of both. You may not like it but this is the way it is and it’s the way to world works.

The answer is a combination of tax cuts and spending for public works projects. When businesses are given tax cuts, they put to use the additional gains to their bottom lines by re-investing in their business. Hiring new employees, growing their company, investing in new products and services, etc. Wouldn’t you rather have a paycheck coming to you twice a week from your new employer as opposed to a one time check in the mail from the government for a couple hundred bucks? In addition, for those of us not working in the private sector, the spending portion of the bill can be used to finance public works projects such as building roads and bridges, updating infrastructure, etc. Again, wouldn’t you rather have a paycheck coming to you twice a month rather than a one time check in the mail for a couple hundred bucks?

Obama complains that he inherited this economic mess. Reagan inherited one from Carter that was much worse. Statistically speaking, Reagan inherited a situation in which the unemployment rate was higher per population, inflation was higher per average income, gas prices were higher per costs of goods, etc. Yet Regan saw the benefits to cutting taxes, limiting the size of government and funding works projects. So my question is this; if we have been here before and there is already a model for success in place, then why not use that model once again to our benefit?

– Paul M. Harvey

Hello world!

February 12, 2009

The message is simple; the ideals and beliefs of the Republican Party,
and more specifically the conservative base of the Republican Party,
are beneficial to all people of all walks of life.  No matter what your
age, sex, religion, race, culture, income or life experiences, what we
stand for is applicable and beneficial to the lives of every human
being around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, the silent majority is a real thing.  There are a
whole bunch of us out there that side with us, agree with us and would
follow us.  But these people are lacking guidance, education and
leadership.  All we have to do is reach out them but we must do it with
a united effort.  Yes, we can do this.  But more importantly, we must
do this.

– Paul M. Harvey